Race Info

2.5 Mile Race – Recreational

(Race categories: Recreational kayak, Stand up paddle boards) Each category will go off separately. This race is for fun and designed for the novice and less experienced paddler, but it’s still a race so bring your competitive spirit. The 2.5 mile Casual paddle added for non-racers that want to be part of the day and support the Rescue center. This distance is one lap around Colonel’s Island and back to the start/finish line.

Casual Paddle! This is not a race it’s just a great way for family and friends to get together and paddle casually on the beautiful Peconic River!

Rentals for canoes and kayaks will be available for ($35.00 fee)

5 Mile Race – Competitive

{Race Categories: Recreational kayak, Sea kayak, Unlimited kayaks, Stand up paddle boards}

Each category will go off separately. This race is designed for the serious competitive paddler. This distance is two laps around the entire course, Colonels Island and back to the start/finish line two times.

*Bring your friends and fans for support so they can cheer you on at the start and finish line where they will be in full view!

(Tables at town docks, end of McDermott St. along riverside parking lot)
Check in to get your race bib and number, race info. etc.

Unloading – Arrive early to drop off your watercraft and park your vehicle at Riverhead town docks and parking area. We will be set up in the parking lot with ample space, along the riverside.

Riverhead Pre-race – Estimated race start times will be given at check-in, depending on number of registered paddlers in each respective class, will depend on when and which race we start and end with.

Announcements will be made for pre-race starts and a meeting to review rules, safety, race details, etc. You will load your watercraft at the town docks floating dock and paddle to starting line to begin your race.


Medals will be given out to first place winners in each age category for each respective class and race distance.