Team Guidelines:

  • Teams must consist of 4 persons
  • There must be a minimum of one Stand up Paddle boarder per team.
  • All team members entered MAY or MAY NOT be employed by the company sponsoring the team.
  • The team entered with the best combined time for each race category will determine who goes home with the bragging rights of winning the Paddle Battle Long Island Corporate Challenge!!

Race Day/Safety Rules:

  • Kayaks: Life Vests (PFD) are required on craft. All participants must wear PFD (personal floatation device) during race. Must provide their own.
  • SUP: Leash required
  • No drafting allowed after first 500ft
  • No more than three consecutive strokes in a row can be taken on your knees.

*Safety first, we ask all team members to assist your fellow paddlers if you see the need arise. We will have boats and spotters
throughout the course for your safety.


What is the difference between the Paddle Battle and the Corporate Challenge?

The Paddle Battle follows the same format as in prior years, single racers in assorted categories in 2.5 and 5 mile races; the Corporate Challenge is only 2.5 miles and teams of four paddlers with a minimum of one SUP on the team will aggregate their times to determine the top three team winners.

I have never been on a stand-up paddle board. Will the Paddle Battle or Corporate Challenge be too difficult for me?

No this is designed to be a fun event. Since we want beginners, there will be scheduled race and paddle clinics prior to the event to get you ready. We would recommend sticking to the 2.5 mile course.

What if my ambition is better than my endurance and I cannot finish the race?

There are support teams and boats along the course. If you should ever run into any need to stop the race early just flag one down and they will rush you to the closest bar

I am interested in racing but don’t own a board. Will there be boards available to rent on the day of the event?

We will have limited boards available. Reserve early to ensure there will be one for you.

I am an intermediate/advanced racer racing individually. Are there varying course offerings?

Yes we offer a 2.5 mile fun race and a 5 mile intermediate course for individual racers. The Corporate Challenge teams, however, will only follow the 2.5 mile course.

Do I need a special race board?

No, if you are entering in the 2.5 mile course you can be on any size paddle board you are comfortable paddling. We do recommend a race style board for those doing the 5 mile but it is not necessary.

What are the conditions of the Peconic River typically like?


My company does not want to put together a team but wants to sponsor a team of four paddlers. Can they race on my company’s behalf?

Yes, we will help connect the sponsor company and individual racers.

Do all the members of a Corporate Challenge team have to be employees of the company?


Is there a cash prize for the winners?

No, the race and all the proceeds go to the NY Marine Rescue Center. The winner of the Corporate Challenge will get the Paddle Battle LI Corporate Challenge trophy and of course the bragging rights as well. There will be some killer raffles, amazing baskets and plenty of giveaways.